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The Tall Man was ex-military and a known associate of Victor Nabokov, who was hired by Victor's daughter, Anastasia, to steal the Estabrook piece of the Eye. After failing on numerous instances to retrieve the piece, he is killed by Anastasia.


Stealing the Idol from the Astghik

The Tall Man meets with Captain Carter after getting word that he found the idol. He opens the steel box to reveal a gold Egyptian idol inside, which gives off low levels of radiation. The Tall Man claimed that he would pay Captain Carter for his services, but instead he kills the captain as well as his entire crew with the exception of Ern Cullmore, who manages to jump into the water and escape as the Astghik goes up in flames.[1]

Losing the Idol

The Tall Man boards a plane. He is seated next to JB, who claims that he is a nervous flyer and starts to become unsettled as the plane takes off. JB reaches over him to grab his inhaler from his bag, however, in reality JB manages to swap his carry-on with the Tall Man’s before heading to the bathroom. As it turns out, JB is a thief for hire who plotted to steal the gold idol from the Tall Man. He then escapes through the hold and jumps out the plane with a parachute.

The Tall Man is in a motel listening to the buyer’s broadcast for the drop point. He then gets a call from his buyer who is starting to lose patience. The woman asks him about Ern, who he allowed to escape. The Tall Man presumed he would die in the sea, but he didn’t and now he’s in a hotel in Bridgeport.

Tall Man tracks Ern down to the Dundurin Hotel. He finds him in the basement, but Ern manages to escape his grasp. He later follows Frank and Joe Hardy home and watches them from outside their house.[2]

Following the Idol to the Hardy Boys

The Tall Man breaks into the Hardy's house in search of the idol. He searches Joe's room for the idol. He uses a radiation detector, which is how he discovers that the ancient artifact is no longer inside the idol. He realizes that Joe has taken the stone and proceeds to track him down to the town carnival, where he shows Joe's picture to carnival-goers, asking if they've seen him. Eventually, he finds Joe and follows him into the Whacky Shack. He grabs the boy and demands that he hand over the piece. JB intervenes, allowing for Joe to escape. JB attacks the Tall Man with a pipe wrench, but he is immediately disarmed. The Tall Man picks up the wrench and charges towards JB, who uses the carnival's power mains to shock the Tall Man, nearly killing him.[3]

The Tall Man awakens from his coma after being shocked with the carnival's power mains by JB. The Tall Man assaults a doctor and stuffs him in a locker before escaping the hospital in a gown and trench coat.[4]

Imprisoned by Bridgeport PD

The Tall Man breaks into a shop during the late hours of the night to steal a hunting knife as well as some clothes. The Tall Man then calls his employer from a phone booth. She asks if he has the stone. When he says that he doesn’t, she tells him not to fail her.

The Tall Man follow the Hardy boys to the Matthews Brothers brick factory. They kick the door in on him and escape out the back entrance. So, the Tall Man returns to their home, where he is ambushed by Joe before taking off in a yellow truck. The Tall Man traces the truck back to the Morton farm, where Joe leads him into the stable and offers to give him the stone but only if he promises to leave. Joe then throws the stone and tells the Tall Man to get it himself. The Tall Man retrieves the stone but discovers that it is a fake. He is then trapped inside a steel cage before being arrested by Bridgeport PD.

The Tall Man is being kept in a cell at the Bridgeport police station. Deputy Hooper asks for his name and if he knows anything about the Astghik, specifically Ern Cullmore, who escaped, but the Tall Man doesn't respond. She tells him that his prints are being circulated and that eventually they’ll find out who he is. He replies: “What if I don’t exist?”[5]

The Tall Man is interrogated by Deputy Hooper. She asks him about his past, specifically the incident on the plane, where a flight attendant identified him as a passenger. She wants to know what he’s doing in Bridgeport but he refuses to give anything up, eventually deciding to have a nap instead. After she leaves, the Tall Man somehow escapes his cell.

The Tall Man spots Joe and Biff walking down the street and chases them down, but he loses their trail in a back alley.[6]

Employed by the Khans

The Tall Man gets a call from his buyer, scolding for his sloppy actions, and the fact that he’s been captured twice by a group of kids does not reflect well on him. Because of this, she no longer needs his services. He threatens to find the piece and take it to another buyer, to which the original buyer responds that he’s made a grave mistake.

Not long after being fired, the Tall Man gets a call from Kanika Khan, who is seeking to employ him. She needs him to retrieve and deliver the Estabrook piece to her. The Tall Man reveals that he was initially hired by the Nabokovs and tells her that along with payment, he’ll also need protection. However, Mrs. Khan explains that the Nabokovs are his concern alone.

The Tall Man catches Frank and Joe walking down the road. He pushes Joe to the ground and attacks Frank. Joe then hits him with a trashcan and the boys race across the street. The Tall Man attempts to follow but is hit by a car and killed.[7]

Skills and abilities

The Tall Man is said to be seven foot tall. He is incredibly strong and has a military background.


Fun facts and trivia

  • The Tall Man does not exist in previous adaptations. He is a character created specifically for the series.