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For the original version of this book, see The Tower Treasure (original text)

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The Tower Treasure is the first book in The Hardy Boys original series. It was first published in 1927 by Grosset & Dunlap, and updated and revised in 1959.

Plot summary[]

Tower Mansion has been robbed of forty thousand dollars in securities and jewels and Hurd Applegate, the crotchety old owner of the mansion, feels confident that Henry Robinson, his caretaker, is responsible. Henry, however, is the father of one of Frank and Joe Hardy's closest school chums and they are convinced of his innocence. Their father Fenton has taken on the case and they follow him all the way to New York to uncover the real crook, John (Red) Jackley. Finding him, however, is only half the problem as he dies in custody and the Hardys must still find the stolen valuables to clear Robinson's name and solve their first case, and follow in their dad's footsteps. Jackley had said the loot was in "The Old Tower", before passing out and later dying. The Hardy Boys looked thru the old Applegate tower but failed to find it; they even looked in the new tower, and around both, but to no avail. They could not believe Jackley would lie on his deathbed, so they kept looking, and later found an old and a new Water Tower, and after looking in the old one, they found the stolen loot.




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The Tower Treasure Great Britain: Collins #31, 1982, Softcover

  • While the original text of The Tower Treasure had been published in 1951 by Harold Hill as the 5th book released that year, the revised text of The Tower Treasure would not be published until 1974, as the first book released that year by Collins, but as the 31st book released in the Collins series. In 1982 Collins reissued The Tower Treasure under its paperback children's imprint, Armada with the same cover art that was used on the 1974 hardcover edition. Sometime between 1987 and 1991 The Tower Treasure was reissued with new artwork by Armada in paperback.


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