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Tour of Danger is the 12th book in Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery series. It was first published in April 1992 by Archway Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).

Back cover summary

NANCY DREW'S two-week tour of Japan has taken a sudden ominous turn. Checking into her Tokyo hotel, whe watches in amazement as an elderly woman is surrounded by the police and accused of smuggling. The lady's souvenir vase has been smashed to the floor, revealing hundreds of stolen pearls! Nancy's convinced that the woman has been set up and that now the members of her tour group are in peril as well -- innocent victims of a far-flung criminal conspiracy!


FRANK and JOE HARDY are in Tokyo, working undercover at Amsa Unc., a huge Japanese electronics conglomerate. Someone has been knocking off cheap imitations of the company's high-tech line and selling them in America under teh Amsa name. When the Hardys hook up with Nancy, they discover that Japan is a land of exotic sights and extraordinary entertainments -- Kabuki theater, sumo wrestlers, and lively nightclubs -- but also a world of mystery and menace.[1]


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