Tower Mansion is a palatial building on a hill overlooking Barmet Bay in Bayport. Resembling a castle, it can be seen for miles and is one of the most striking sights of Bayport, often exciting comment from newcomers.[1]


It was built by Major Applegate, an eccentric ex-army man who had made his money on lucky real estate deals. At one time it had been the site of many of Bayports society events but it is now in the hands of reclusive brother and sister Hurd and Adelia Applegate and few current Bayport residents had ever been in the mansion until the grounds were opened.[1] After Frank and Joe Hardy solved the mystery of a theft from the mansion, Hurd Applegate decided to allow public access to part of the grounds around the pond as a swimming and picnic area.[2]


The mansion's resemblance to a castle is heightened by its two towers. One at either end of the immense, rambling stone structure, the first was built by Major Applegate at the time of the main building's original construction,[1] the other was added more recently by Hurd Applegate and is an exact replica of the first.[3]


The Hardy Boys

1. The Tower Treasure
11 While the Clock Ticked
100. The Secret of the Island Treasure


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