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"Frank And Joe Check Out A New Sports Facility---And Are Nearly Buried By The Competition!"
— Tag-line, from front cover

Training For Trouble is the 161st book in The Hardy Boys and the 103rd in the Digest series. It was first published in May 2000 by Minstrel Books.

Plot summary

"Judo...Fencing...Archery...Biathlon...Someone Wants To Win---At All Costs!"
— Tag-line, from back cover

The combat sports training facility has just opened in Bayport, and the Hardys are on hand to check it out. They can practice judo, fencing, archery, and biathlon, and meet aspiring athletes from all over.

But good times turn to bad sportsmanship when Joe's girlfriend, Iola, gets a nasty electrical shock during a fencing workout. Then someone decides to use Frank for target practice on the archery range. Now the Hardys are wondering if the events are more than accidents. How far will world-class competitors go to win?




Businesses and organizations


  • Page 68 has Flank examining a sword when it should be Frank.

Possible Casefile

Due to the tone and writing style, it is very possible that this book was supposed to be a casefile, but the series ended, and it was turned into a digest.

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