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"It's A Good Thing The Hardys Are On The Case This Halloween!"
— Tag-line, from front cover

Trick-or-Trouble is the 175th book in The Hardy Boys series and 116th book in the Digest series. It was first published in September 2002 by Aladdin Paperbacks.

Plot summary

It's a week before Halloween and the Hardys are excited about the Halloween Spooktacular that the Bayport Chamber of Commerce is putting on. Some of the top prizes are a limited edition motorcycle, a remodeled RV, and a classic Volkswagen Beetle. Of course there are other prizes being handed out, such as free cups of coffee and CD's.

But things get off to a frightening start when someone knocks out the electricity at the kickoff bash and unleashes a cageful of bats. Then someone in a devil mask robs another contestant of their clues.

Is someone so desperate to win the contest that they'll do everything legally and illegally possible to win? Or is there another factor that the Hardy boys don't even realize? And how does the veteran Hollywood horror actor, hired to be emcee of the contest, fit into all of it?


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