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A list of The Hardy Boys trilogies.

The Hardy Boys Casefiles (1987-1988)

Operation Phoenix Trilogy (June 1992-August 1992)
1. Endangered Species
2. No Mercy
3. The Phoenix Equation
Ring of Evil Trilogy (June 1993-August 1993)
1. Tagged for Terror
2. Survival Run
3. The Pacific Conspiracy
Bayport Corruption Storyline (unofficial; October 1987-September 1991)
1. See No Evil
2. Line of Fire
3. Beyond the Law

The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers (2005-presnet)

Murder House Trilogy (May 2008-September 2008)
1. Deprivation House
2. House Arrest
3. Murder House
Double Danger Trilogy (November 2008-March 2009)
1. Double Trouble
2. Double Down
3. Double Deception
Galaxy X Trilogy (May 2008-September 2008)
1. Galaxy X
2. X-plosion
3. The X-Factor
Killer Mystery Trilogy (November 2008-January 2010)
1. Killer Mission
2. Private Killer
3. Killer Connections
Lost Mystery Trilogy(May 2010-January 2011)
1. Children of the Lost
2. The Lost Brother
3. Forever Lost
Deathstalker Trilogy(May 2011-January 2012)
1. Movie Menace
2. Movie Mission
3. TBA

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