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"The New Kid In School Gives The Hardys A Tough Case To Crack!"
— Tag-line, from front cover

Training For Trouble is the 167th book in The Hardy Boys and the 109th in the Digest series. It was first published in May 2001 by Minstrel Books and May 2002 by Aladdin Paperbacks.

Plot summary

"There's A New Crime Ring In Bayport---And A School Troublemaker Just Might Be Involved!"
— Tag-line, from back cover

A social studies project brings newcomer Tom Gilliam into the Hardys' group. But Tom doesn't cooperate with the others on the project, gets into fights, and is even suspended. He and his father travel from town to town because his father keeps changing jobs. Fenton Hardy thinks Tom's father may be disposing of stolen goods in Bayport!

Then Tom disappears, and the Hardys discover suspicious activities at the shipping company where his father works. Searching for Tom, the boys unearth a network of thieves who mean business. And getting rid of snoops, especially Frank and Joe, is at the top of their list!




Businesses and organizations


  • Starting in January 2002, Simon & Schuster switched publishers from Minstrel Books to Aladdin Paperbacks. As a result, this book along with a dozen others were reprinted under the Aladdin Paperbacks.

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