In 1985 Simon & Schuster cancelled The Hardy Boys Digest Series with volume 85 The Skyfire Puzzle. However, before the series was cancelled, there were plans to issue a Hardy Boys #86.

Now then in September 1987, when Simon & Schuster restarted The Hardy Boys Digests, they did issue a Hardy Boys #86 entitled Mystery of The Silver Star. However this story was completely different from the story that was originally planned. Mystery of The Silver Star had a story that was similar in style to the stories from the Original series, and even the pre- Revenge of the Desert Phantom Wanderer Hardy Boys.

But, this Unpublished Hardy Boys #86 was originally written in the style of the future Casefiles and Digests #84 Revenge Of The Desert Phantom and #85 The Skyfire Puzzle.[1] It has since been discovered that the story was in fact at a point where Simon & Schuster applied for an ISBN for the book (0-671-49733-2), an ISBN that as of 2004 was still active.

Unfortunately Simon & Schuster still has the manuscript and all material relating to this Unpublished Hardy Boys Digest, so as of June 2009, there is no information, aside from the fact that the story was to a hi-tech adventure similar to the stories in Digests #84 & 85; as to what the plot of the book was to be about, that information is currently unknown.


  1. Paul Mular, Hardy Boys Historian
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