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Hi I'm WHLfan, the founder of this wiki and a collector of Hardy Boys books.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on my talk page.

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Currently reading (this is often out of date): The Hardy Boys Casefiles #6 The Deadliest Dare

More info will be added to this page soon...

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Books I've read

Here's a list of Hardy Boys books I have read at least once.

The Hardy Boys

1. The Tower Treasure
2. The House on the Cliff
3. The Secret of the Old Mill
4. The Missing Chums
5. Hunting for Hidden Gold
6. The Shore Road Mystery
7. The Secret of the Caves
8. The Mystery of Cabin Island
9. The Great Airport Mystery
10. What Happened at Midnight
11. While the Clock Ticked
12. Footprints under the Window
13. The Mark on the Door
14. The Hidden Harbor Mystery
15. The Sinister Sign Post
16. A Figure in Hiding
17. The Secret Warning
18. The Twisted Claw
19. The Disappearing Floor
20. The Mystery of the Flying Express
21. The Clue of the Broken Blade
22. The Flickering Torch Mystery
23. The Melted Coins
24. The Short-Wave Mystery
25. The Secret Panel
26. The Phantom Freighter
27. The Secret of Skull Mountain
28. The Sign of the Crooked Arrow
29. The Secret of the Lost Tunnel
30. The Wailing Siren Mystery
31. The Secret of Wildcat Swamp
32. The Crisscross Shadow
33. The Yellow Feather Mystery
34. The Hooded Hawk Mystery
35. The Clue in the Embers
36. The Secret of Pirates' Hill
37. The Ghost at Skeleton Rock
38. The Mystery at Devil's Paw
39. The Mystery of the Chinese Junk
40. Mystery of the Desert Giant
41. The Clue of the Screeching Owl
42. The Viking Symbol Mystery
43. The Mystery of the Aztec Warrior
44. The Haunted Fort
45. The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge
46. The Secret Agent on Flight 101
47. Mystery of the Whale Tattoo
48. The Arctic Patrol Mystery
49. The Bombay Boomerang
50. Danger on Vampire Trail
51. The Masked Monkey
52. The Shattered Helmet
53. The Clue of the Hissing Serpent
54. The Mysterious Caravan
55. The Witchmaster's Key
56. The Jungle Pyramid
59. Night of the Werewolf
60. Mystery of the Samurai Sword
69. The Four-headed Dragon
78. Cave-In (re-titled Cave-In!)
150. The Crisscross Crime
188. Farming Fear

The Hardy Boys Casefiles

1. Dead on Target
2. Evil, Inc.
3. Cult of Crime
5. Edge of Destruction
6. The Crowning Terror
7. Deathgame
8. See No Evil
9. The Genius Thieves
11. Brother Against Brother
13. The Borgia Dagger
17. The Number File
19. Nightmare in Angel City
20. Witness to Murder
21. Street Spies
22. Double Exposure
25. The Borderline Case
26. Trouble in the Pipeline
30. The Deadliest Dare
32. Blood Money
37. Danger Zone
64. Endangered Species
65. No Mercy
66. The Phoenix Equation
69. Mayhem in Motion
76. Tagged for Terror
119. The Emperor's Shield

The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers

1. Extreme Danger
2. Running on Fumes
3. Boardwalk Bust
4. Thrill Ride
5. Rocky Road
6. Burned
7. Operation: Survival
8. Top Ten Ways to Die
9. Martial Law
10. Blown Away
11. Hurricane Joe
12. Trouble in Paradise
13. The Mummy's Curse
14. Hazed
15. Death and Diamonds
16. Bayport Buccaneers
17. Murder at the Mall
18. Pushed
19. Foul Play
20. Feeding Frenzy
21. Comic Con Artist
22. Deprivation House
23. House Arrest
24. Murder House
25. Double Trouble

The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers Super Mystery

1. Wanted
2. Kidnapped at the Casino
3. Haunted

The Hardy Boys Graphic Novel

1. The Ocean of Osyria
2. Identity Theft
3. Mad House
4. Malled
5. Sea You, Sea Me
6. Hyde & Shriek
7. The Opposite Numbers
8. Board to Death
9. To Die or Not to Die
10. A Hardy Day's Night
11. Abracadeath
12. Dude Ranch O' Death!
13. The Deadliest Stunt
14. Haley Danelle's Best Eight
15. Live Free or Die Hardy
16. Shhhhhh!

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Mystery

1. Terror on Tour
2. Danger Overseas

Other titles

The Hardy Boys Detective Handbook
Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Sleuths! Volume 2

TV episodes I've watched

A list of all the Hardy Boys TV shows I've watched.

The Hardy Boys (Micky Mouse Club)

1. The Mystery of the Applegate Treasure

The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

I've watched all episodes of seasons one and two, in which the Hardys appear.

1. The Mystery of the Haunted House
3. The Mystery of Witches' Hollow
5. The Disappearing Floor
7. The Flickering Torch Mystery
9. The Mystery of the Flying Courier
11. Wipe Out
13. The Secret of the Jade Kwan Yin
15. The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula (part I)
16. The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula (part II)
17. The Mystery of King Tut's Tomb
18. The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom (part I)
19. The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom (part II)
20. The Mystery of the African Safari
21. The Creatures Who Came on Sunday
22. The Strange Fate of Flight 608
23. Acapulco Spies
24. Nancy Drew's Love Match
25. The Mystery of the Silent Scream
26. Will the Real Santa Claus..?
27. The Lady on Thursday at Ten
28. Oh Say Can You Sing
29. The House on Possessed Hill
30. Sole Survivor (favorite)
31. Voodoo Doll (part I)
32. Voodoo Doll (part II)
33. Mystery of the Avalanche Express
34. Death Surf
35. Arson & Old Lace
36. The Campus Terror
37. The Last Kiss of Summer (part I)
38. The Last Kiss of Summer (part II)

Fixing The Hardy Boys

I have some BIG problems with the current Hardy continuity, or lack there of, and have an idea to fix it...

Note: the following is told from a fictional point of view, as if I time traveled about 10 years into the future, and then wrote a article about the history of The Hardy Boys (or what would be history in about 2018), note that I have left I have left the graphic novels out of my idea, since I think they are fine and popular how they are, and as you will see ATAC is part of my proposed continuity.

Disclaimer: I just thought most of the book/series names off the top of my head, and don't necessarily think they are the best names possible for Hardy Boys series.

In 2008, in an attempted improve poor sales of their Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series, Simon & Schuster re-introduced the mini series format to The Hardy Boys world for the first time since 1993's Hardy Boys Casefiles Ring of Evil trilogy. The Murder House Trilogy was published in May 2008, which was met with less then enthusiasm from fans. After the completion of Murder House, the Double Danger Trilogy and Galaxy X Trilogy.

Even in light of the new trilogy format, the Undercover Brothers series was still not selling well, and in September 2009, The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series was discontinued after 30 volume.

In the spring of 2010, Simon & Schuster rebooted The Hardy Boys continuity, for the second time in only five years, unlike the Undercover Brothers continuity however, the new continuity didn't ignore The Hardy Boys' roots, but instead embraced them. This was evident to fans from the very beginning of the new continuity, which was lunched with Hardy Boys: Chapter One, a three part mini series retelling of Frank and Joe's early cases, including an updated version of the very first Hardy Boys book, The Tower Treasure. The mini series was followed later that month with book one in the new Hardy Boys series, untitled The Hardy Boys vs. the World. Iola Morton was alive in this story, and in the forward it was explained that this series started where The Hardy Boys (digest) series left off, and the events take place before Iola's death in The Hardy Boys Casefiles.

By the end of 2010 and the publication of The Hardy Boys vs. the World #7, most of the original cast had made an appearance in the new continuity, including the Hardy's friends, something that the Undercover Brothers series had lacked.

At the beginning of the series, Simon & Schuster promised fans that this series would tie all past series together and fix any continuity problems, because of this they felt ATAC could not just be ignored, but because it had been one of the main factors in killing their last Hardy Boys series, Simon & Schuster did not feel ready to include it in the new main series. Instead they lunched a new independent mini series in 2011, simply untiled ATAC, which chronicled the founding of American Teens Against Crime, right up to the never before told final battle with WARD and the ultimate collapse of both organizations. The series ran until the end of the year along side the main Vs. the World series, and while finally establishing where ATAC fit into the continuity, it also freed the continuity from the unpopular agency (mind you the series was popular and Simon & Schuster might consider other ATAC mini series in the future).

In June, Nancy Drew made her first guest appearance in The Hardy Boys vs. the World #10, the same month, Frank and Joe guest stared in the also newly revamped Nancy Drew world. To go with these appearances, a one-shot crossover book was published, retelling the story of Nancy and the Hardy boys first meeting.

Simon & Schuster started off 2012, with a new crossover series, Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys vs. the World, and the start of new story line in the regular Hardy Boys series, which involved a major subplot dealing with Joe and Iola's relationship. The two part story arc concluded in February, and set up The Hardy Boys: The Death of Iola mini series, and the launch of The Hardy Boys Casefiles II book one, on the 25th Anniversary of the original Casefiles series. The Hardy Boys Casefiles II #1, was essentially a modern version of #128, as it made reference to Casefiles #127 Dead in the Water as having taken place only a few weeks before. For the sake of new readers, as well as the aforementioned Death of Iola series, The Hardy Boys Casefiles: 25 Years Book was published, which over viewed most of the original 127 Casefiles titles.

For the rest of the year The Hardy Boys vs. the World was published one month and The Hardy Boys Casefiles II was published the next. By December 2012 there was 19 Vs. the World books and five Casefiles II books, plus the three mini series, Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys vs. the World #1, the one-shot Nancy Drew meets the Hardy Boys, and The Hardy Boys Casefiles: 25 Years Book.

Like the every years since the rebooted continuity, Simon & Schuster started 2013 off with a mini series, this time a Hardy Boys/Tom Swift crossover, a remake of the 1990's two Ultra Thrillers. On top of this Tom Swift appeared as a guest star in Casefiles II #6, these were popular, and the next year Tom Swift appeared with both Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys, in the first three way crossover ever.

The Hardy Boys vs. the World and The Hardy Boys Casefiles II are still published to this day, along with yearly crossover series, one with Nancy Drew and one with Tom Swift.

Note that in 2010 Simon & Schuster also rebooted the Nancy Drew continuity, and in 2012, due to the success of the new Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series, did the same with Tom Swift. For the new continuity Simon & Schuster took more of a shared universe approach, and it is far from rare for any one of the four title characters, to make guest appearances in another series.

The most successful story of the new continuity, was 2014's Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys/Tom Swift crossover which was the conclusion of a story line had been taking place in both Nancy Drew series (Vs. the World and Files II) and Hardy Boys series (Vs. the World and Casefiles II), and the Tom Swift series, over the past few months.

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