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X-plosion is the second book in the Galaxy X Trilogy and 29th overall in The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series. It was published in 2009 by Simon & Schuster.

Plot summary

ATAC BRIEFING FOR AGENTS FRANK AND JOE HARDY. MISSION: To find out who blew up Mount McKenzie, the centerpiece of Galaxy X, and to keep the saboteur at bay before he or she kills again!

Location: Galaxy X, a new theme park in California.

Potential Victims: Pro boarder Cody Zane, and any other A-lister invited to the grand opening of Galaxy X. Suspects: Too many people have motives to keep Galaxy X from opening to the public, and one of them will stop at nothing to keep it from happening....

Description: Frank and Joe must trail pro skater Cody Zane, brought to Galaxy X for the grand opening, and find out who would want to end his career just as it's about to explode.

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Businesses and organizations

  • A.T.A.C.


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